Pay in 3 Monthly Instalments!

Imagine the possibilities if you could buy all your favorite things in 3 monthly instalments with no interest owed at any time


10th of February

First payment

10th of March

Second payment

10th of April

Third payment
What is KalPay?

KalPay is a Shariah Aligned Buy Now Pay Later service.

  • img Select the Buy Now Pay Later option at checkout
  • img Enter your phone number and required details
  • img Pay your down payment and you're done!

Working with hundreds of famous brands

We have onboarded hundreds of merchants helping you buy what you need now and pay later - whether it's furniture, clothes, or even tech!

What Our Customers Are Saying


Mahnoor Qaiser


Malaika Khan


Hamza Malik


Ayesha Amjad

Glad I found it

Ive been using KalPay since the past few months now! Glad that I found it. I am a shopaholic and love online shopping but due to low budget sometimes I had to drop my favourite things. Now I can purchase big items while paying in instalments! Its beyond helpful and the customer service is very good

What an outstanding experience!

I have been using Kalpay for the past few months, it has made my budgeting so easy for me i get things on time and don’t worry about them breaking my bank. Their service is amazing i’ve never encountered any problem and i have been using it quite a lot. I feel this is a great initiative and its a great help to people.

Using KalPay has been an amazing journey

KalPay! A Fantastic Company! Glad that companies like these exist in Pakistan. The service provided to me was really smooth. Most importantly, everything was done in a blink of an eye. Hats off to its Marketing/Sales team who made the whole process look so easy. Highly recommended!!

Most helpful service ever

My experience with KalPay has been amazing. Love their speed and the care and concern they have for their customers. It has made my life easier as I have to worry less about credit and can shop when required. KalPay is providing a great service. Fully recommended. 💯


Are You A Business?

The number of abandoned carts can be decreased with the use of Buy Now Pay Later. This allows customers to feel empowered, which increases their chance of returning back!