What is KalPay?

KalPay is a Shariah aligned consumer financing platform that allows you to purchase products in easy monthly installments with 0% interest and no hidden charges. in respect of your use of the Products.

Where can I use KalPay?

Using KalPay’s Buy Now Pay Later, you can shop from hundreds of merchants across multiple product categories and split your payments in 3 easy monthly instalments! Check out our brands here.

How are the installments divided?

Customers are required to pay a 1⁄3 down payment which is also the 1st installment, followed by 2 monthly installments.

What is the minimum and maximum credit limit that I can use?

Our minimum credit limit is Rs. 1,500/- and maximum is Rs. 15,000/-. However, if you need to request for credit limit enhancement, you can contact us at success@kalpayfinancials.com

Am I eligible to use KalPay?

All Pakistani nationals with a computerized CNIC, smartphone, verifiable phone number and email are eligible to use KalPay.
To confirm your order, please ensure you provide complete and correct details about your identity and contact information including email, phone number and postal address.

How do I sign up?

You do not need to sign up before using KalPay’s services. To avail KalPay's installment plans, select our Buy Now Pay Later option at checkout on our registered merchants websites and you will be able to see your installment plan and confirm your order.

What is the verification process?

In order to ensure fraud prevention and complete transparency, KalPay verifies the transaction by contacting the customer before an order is confirmed. The verification can be performed through a phone call over a recorded line by KalPay's representative.

How do I make a payment?

Customers have the option to pay via their Debit/Credit card, Easypaisa, or Jazzcash wallets.

My payment failed. What should I do?

Please try using a different payment method. If you are still facing an issue, kindly contact us at success@kalpayfinancials.com

Is my payment information safe?

At KalPay, security is our number one priority. We abide by all regulations to ensure your data, especially your credit card details, are safe.

How do I check my due payments?

You can log into the KalPay customer portal to view your pending installments and pay them directly using the provided payment options. Access our portal here.

How does auto-deduction work?

Based on the payment method, auto deduction can be enabled while making the down payment. This will allow the subsequent installments to be automatically deducted from your provided payment method.

Is there any cost of using KalPay?

KalPay is completely free for all our customers. Unless you’re late on your payments after which there is a “late payment penalty” after several reminders and a cushion period.

What happens If I cannot pay on time?

If you are unable to pay on time due to a legitimate reason, kindly contact our customer support team and ask for an extension. KalPay can allow a 2-7 days extension period upon request.
However, please note that if your payment gets delayed beyond the extension period, your data might get reported.

How can I update my KalPay account details?

If you want to update your KalPay account details, just contact our customer support and share your request!

How can I close my KalPay account

If you do not want to continue using KalPay, just contact our customer support and share your request. Your account will be disabled for future transactions according to the company's policies while your customer details will be managed according to the company's privacy policy.

What is KalPay’s Cancellation & Refund Policy?

After our customer support representative calls you to verify your order details, your details are then transferred to our risk and compliance department and the department decides whether to process the order or cancel it.

My order was canceled, when will I receive my refund?

The refund takes 14-21 working days for a customer to receive it. We process the refund from our end in 24 working hours. The time frame of 14-21 working days is according to the bank procedures.

How can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order once it's placed then you can either contact the merchant to cancel your order and they will inform us and we will refund you the down payment or you can contact us directly and we will cancel your order and will start the refund process.